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Les funny

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les funny

4 Jan Gas tweets about John by John, Cassette, Epitome and all the gang. 'I thought it was hilarious.' Then both he and Les started to crack up. There was nothing Peregrine could do but stand there glaring at what to him, were two Australians with a very warped sense of humour rolling around and spilling beer all over the front of the car. He watched them in disgust for a while, then went and got in. My heartfelt thanks to the following companies who graciously allowed me to use screenshots from Michael Haneke's films for this book: Cover: detail from Das weisse Band used by friendly permission of Les Films Du Losange, Paris. Screenshots on p. from Das weisse Band (© Copyright film: XFILME CREATIVE.


The Rabbids Invasion - 2H Compilation 4 Jan Gas tweets about John by John, Cassette, Epitome and all the gang. 9 Jul Famed for his mother-in-law gags and curmudgeonly Northern wit, Les Dawson was one of Britain's biggest and best loved comedy stars of the s and s. Witty, a wordsmith, a talent pianist and blessed with funny bones, Dawson's humour masked a tough upbringing that he successfully overcame. 'Well,' he said, smiling at his brother, 'I suppose it's been a bit of a funny one, you could say.' 'Yeah,' agreed Les. 'It sure has. But it all worked out all right.' 'Yeah,' nodded Murray. 'It could've turned out a lot worse. That thing could have landed on Chinchilla. Sure would've stuffed up their chances in this year's grand final.

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